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“The roof of Africa”


The Marangu Route has a moderate slope compared to other routes making it less difficult to ascend. It is the only route with emergency evacuation services, huts and dining rooms. Due to these benefits, it has become the most popular route, and therefore can also be the most crowded, especially during high season.

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We at Wild Bug Adventures would love to support you throughout your trekking journey. Our experienced and upbeat guides will march and sing with you to the “Roof of Africa”

Marangu Gate (1980m) – Mandara hut (2700m) Distance: Approx 12kms Habitat: Montane forest Hikingtime: 5hrs

Mandara hut (2700m) – Horombo hut (3720m) Distance: Approx 15kms Habitat: Moorland. Hiking time: 6hrs

Horombo hut (3720m) – Acclimatization day

Horombo hut (3720m) – Kibo hut (4700m) Distance: Approx 15kms Habitat: Alpine desert Hikingtime: 5hrs

(Summit Attempt) Kibo hut (4700m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Horombo hut (3720m) Distance: Approx 6kms ascent, 21kms descent Habitat: Stone scree and ice-capped summit Hiking time: 8hrs to Uhuru, 6hrs descent to Horombo

Horombo hut (3720m) – Marangu Gate (1980m) Distance: Approx 27kms Hiking time: 6hrs


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