Pangani beach


A small town that located 50 kms South of Tanga Tanzania,With it’s beautiful history and culture this little town is an epic place to see how the Swahili and Arab colonial blend together .

Just at the Mouth of the Pangani River that collect water form Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru to the Indian Ocean ,you find this beautiful little town of Pangani.

Here you will enjoy the less crowded tourist paradise ,coastline with the nice beaches where endangered Green Turtles breeds, historic sites, coral reefs, Old Port as well as great diversity of tropical marine dwellers


Historical town tour… Explore Historic buildings of Pangani town, slave market, old port and slave routes


Pangani River cruising


A boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island for swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and watching dolphins


Village tours.. a welcome to Coast people’s home and stay with a family getting an insight of the Swahili culture. Participate in various activities with the family members


– An opportunity to explore the life of Endangered Green Turtles. Visits to nesting sites and get to know their breeding behavior






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